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It’s time.


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Firstly, this isn’t our planned content reveal: we have a huge update incoming, but it’s delayed slightly; read on for more on that.
Also, here is some music from GIJames: here, here and here (feedback is appreciated)

It’s late spring. That means a lot of people have finals, and a hell of a lot of things going on. So as you can probably imagine, we’ve been a bit strained on what we’ve been able to produce, and we’ve been working our artists and writers like pack mules when they have the time.

While we’re still not going to reveal major details about the characters, we understand that it has been, quite frankly, bloody ages since we started, and we still haven’t revealed anything.

We (or rather, I) decided that, since our main reveal might be delayed, we would release a list of the girls’ names, and their writers.
As you can probably guess, the setting for this VN is in Japan; we’ll be releasing more on that in the future.
The writers are writing key events for each girl independently (or in tandem for some routes), and as a whole for the rest.
<Hoa> “The writers are fucking writing.”

  • Girl Name – Writer Name
  • Keiko Ishinomori – ChadBonin
  • Chihiro Yamada – Lambic
  • Saori Takeda – DrillCurls
  • Kasumi Nakano – Mehkanik/thatguy
  • Sarah [REDACTED] – Fuel (doesn’t want the last name revealed)
  • Tomoe Takamura – Editfag/Hoa
  • Ayame Houdzuki* – Raidis

Note: that is 「法月」for the kanji.

The routes will be on a flags system, which can still return to the same paths. One wrong choice might steer you off a path, but there is that slight chance that you might get an opportunity to get back on that path.

We aren’t going to reveal the MC’s name, background or disability until much much later. The girls’ disabilities will be very secretive, however much the staff in the IRC channel will tease.

If you are still following this VN, I’d like to personally thank you for being this patient; a few of our staff members have had some serious personal problems, and we’ve all been incredibly busy.

And as a final word [to quote our FAQ], this entire project will be open sourced under nothing but a non-commercial license. I am currently putting plugs into the game to allow for extremely easy translations, etc., while we are still customising the game engine (though, we might be ditching ren’py in favour of our own engine).

Edit: Updated name list to include ChadBonin’s girl.